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Choosing a business structure is one of the most important tax decisions our clients make.  Choosing the proper entity can provide significant tax advantages. The formation of these entities, however, requires careful planning and consideration.  Our attorneys have the expertise to accurately advise clients on tax and business ramifications of forming and operating a business through various entity structures. 

Our attorneys have extensive experience in addressing choice-of-entity questions and regularly advise clients regarding the tax advantages and drawbacks of various business structures. We work to understand our clients’ objectives and develop strategies to achieve them in the most tax-efficient manner possible.  This includes drafting and reviewing partnership and operating agreements to ensure that both current and future tax implications are considered.  

Our attorneys have particular experience in crafting tax-efficient compensation strategies for partnerships and LLCs. For example, we have helped clients identify profits interest opportunities, enabling them to attract and compensate key investors. We also assist clients with the dissolution, transfer or sale of partnership interests. Our attorneys group regularly assist clients with succession planning and the formation of family limited partnerships and companies.

We regularly help entrepreneurs, early stage, and emerging companies position themselves for future growth, investment or acquisition. We also help established businesses restructure their operations to increase tax advantages. Drawing upon our substantial experience in international taxation, we have helped U.S. clients structure their foreign operations to minimize tax liabilities, and we have advised foreign nationals on tax opportunities in U.S. investment.  Our attorneys also offer clients advice on compensation for key employees and business succession planning.

As in other areas of tax law, the rules for pass-through entities change often.  We stay ahead of proposed changes and continually educate our clients about ways to maximize tax benefits while minimizing risks.

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