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Public pension plans are the primary source of retirement income for governmental employees, including first responders, and a significant piece of these employees’ overall compensation.  Weiler & Rees appreciates how important these retirement benefits are to public servants and is uniquely committed to serving the legal needs of public pension plans.

Weiler & Rees represents numerous governmental pension plans, including including state, state-wide, municipal and local governmental plans.

Our attorneys understand the complex issues and statutory limitations that face public pension plans and appreciate the work of the trustees who are tasked with overseeing them. We have significant experience in representing clients in all aspects of law that impact public pension plans, including four primary categories: (1) Plan Administration, (2) Fiduciary, (3) Tax, and (4) Investments.  Whatever your public pension needs are, our attorneys are here to help.

Weiler & Rees also represents multi-employer pension plans and advises clients with respect to the various issues that are associated with this type of plan.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in addressing various ERISA issues, and provide unbiased advice to plan trustees.

Our attorneys have substantial experience in all matters dealing with pension plans and ERISA.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Plan drafting

  • Interpreting plan language or plan determinations

  • Addressing issues of plan administration

  • Advising clients on IRS & ERISA compliance

  • Obtaining an Internal Revenue Service determination on the tax qualified status of a plan

  • Non-Tax Qualified Retirement Plans

  • Addressing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

  • Representing clients in IRS and Department of Labor examinations

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