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We work with families and individuals with family-owned businesses to develop and strengthen the framework of the businesses that will secure their business for the future.  We collaborate with family-owned business clients and their advisors to develop the best strategies possible to achieve their business objectives, taking into consideration business structure and best practices tax planning, and asset protection to accomplish the family’s plans for tomorrow, next year, and the next generation.

Our clients differ widely in the businesses they run and the goals they hope to achieve.  We begin by developing a deep understanding of our client’s desires, as well as their concerns, so we can work together to develop the right overall plan for their family.  We never presume to know what a client wants for their business or their family.  We listen to what they tell us and encourage a candid discussion about their financial objectives and generational goals.  Our purpose is to see that what the clients build today will serve the needs of their family tomorrow.

We work with family-owned business clients every step of the way, whether the ultimate goal is to sell the business or to pass it on to future generations.  These families and individuals often see their business as serving a greater purpose than its financial success.  We work with our clients to define and then secure that purpose by creating a plan with both the structure and flexibility needed to weather the passage of time, changing economic forecasts, and additional family members.  The plan, however, is just the beginning.  We then work alongside our client and their advisors to put the pieces into place, ensuring that everything is moving smoothly in the present while keeping an eye on the future.  We strive to create plans that expand rather than limit our client’s options for leveraging, investing, and using business and personal strengths to their advantage, so they can better navigate the unexpected twists and turns of life.

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